INxSQL Software

ERP Distribution Software designed for wholesalers, distributors and industrial resellers

Are you tired of paying for software upgrades that only partially meet your needs? Are you struggling with the aggravation of using multiple software solutions to manage operations, customer communication and inventory?

INxSQL solves these problems with a simple, yet powerful solution based on the familiar Microsoft® technology you understand. INxSQL gives you the power to grow your business with a lower cost of ownership and features that are unique to your distribution business.

  • Lower cost of ownership than other solutions
  • Enhanced with features specific to your business
  • Customer support that is second to none
  • Easy and rapid transition

Key Business Indicators at your Fingertips

Having the right information at the right time is the life blood of your business whether you sell fasteners, gaskets, tools or any other item. Unlike many other solutions, INxSQL gives you a top level view of inventory, capital and people - enabling you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business - instantly.

Management Dashboard

Inventory Management

The heart of your organization is inventory. And, you know that being able to control that inventory from supply and demand to tracking and shipments will maximize your ROI. With INxSQL, you can have the right mix at the right time. Improve capacity, reduce inventory carrying costs and achieve control.

Take Control of Inventory

Sales Order Processing

How much happier would your customers be if you could react immediately to vendor price changes - providing them with fast, accurate pricing? Or, locate customer & product information including in-depth order history at the push of a button? Simple, yet incredibly powerful - all the data you need, when you need it, at your fingertips.

Sales Orders/Quoting


Can your current system create a simple, one item purchase order & a complex RFQ for a major purchase too? Can it create a purchase order from an existing sale and then track it through the entire process? Or, can it provide smart insights in inventory replenishment? INxSQL delivers complete automation to streamline your purchasing process.

Purchasing Features

E-Commerce Options

Do you struggle to keep your online inventory synchronized with your physical warehouse? We offer a full range of e-commerce products that can connect your business within INxSQL, eliminating the need for additional product input or management.

E-Commerce Features

Item Fabrication

INxSQL simplifies the entire work order and item fabrication process by clearly defining and simplifying each step.

Item Fabrication

INxSQL Direct Connect

Fastener distributors using INxSQL have the advantage of using the INxSQL Direct Connect to automate what can be several very time consuming tasks: locating, sourcing and procuring product.

Direct Connect

Additional Features

From EDI to UPS and FedEx integration, we're always adding features to enhance your productivity.

Additional Features

The strongest link in your supply chain

Powerful, Customizable,
& really easy to use

Often you are forced to rely on pieced together solutions to handle inventory management, warehouse automation, sales & purchase orders, CRM and financials. Finally, a truly integrated solution is available… INxSQL. With built-in, customizable features to match your unique workflow.

  • Wireless Warehouse Management
  • Fully Integrated CRM
  • Fully Integrated with Microsoft® Office
  • Easily import into almost any area of the software
  • Forms Generator and Report Writer (all reports can be user defined)

Be Profitable with INxSQL

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