INxSQL websites offer full e-commerce shopping carts and customer portals with real-time integration to your INxSQL software. Whether it's increasing sales or decreasing those non-revenue producing phone calls by allowing customers to check account information, we have you covered.

RFQ Update - Vendor Portal

Send RFQs to multiple vendors and have replies/pricing return directly back in your INxSQL software. Using INxSQL's RFQ comparison worksheet can cut back hours per WEEK of sourcing and purchasing time.

PO Confirmation & Expedite - Vendor Portal

Allows a reply on a web portal for PO confirmations and expedite requests. Link can be added to the purchase order form for cost and shipment date updates, as well as the expedite form for date updates.

Sales Quote Upgrade - Customer Portal

Speed up your sales process. Send quotes to customers and allow them to update the quote to an order and send it back into your INxSQL Software as an order.

Blanket Sales Order Release - Customer Portal

Allows your customers to manage their blanket order releases online. Links with the INxSQL e-commerce website, which also gives the visibility of on order/ availability and usage information.