INxSQL is the ultimate solution for your Purchase Order processing needs.

"INxSQL... has cut my purchasing time by 75%."

- Tracy Lehman, Pacific Warehouse Sales

Whether you create simple one line purchase orders for office supplies or use a complex RFQ process for major inventory purchases, INxSQL provides you with the tools you need to manage what can be a very complicated process. Purchase orders can be created directly from a sales order or purchase order. Orders can also be managed using Purchasing Worksheet. Once the orders have been released, you can easily keep track of them via the PO Status/Expedite screen. If you receive large orders via Excel or an electronic submission, INxSQL completely automates those processes.



  • PO Worksheet with EOQ and seasonal ordering
  • Easier, more accurate ordering and tracking of POs
  • Blanket and Mill PO options
  • PO Status/Expedite Screen assists in keeping track of orders and keeping them organized
  • INxSQL Direct Connect offers instant pricing and stock availability with six different master distributors
  • File import/export capabilities