The only MRP built into your ERP that won't break the bank.

MRPs can be expensive and still not handle all your business's needs. INxSQL's Manufacturing is built into the main ERP, for manufacturers to be able to run their entire business from one software. Whether these processes are handled all in-house, or some steps require an out-of-house vendor, each step in the process is easily tracked within INxSQL.


  • Fully integrated with the wireless warehouse system for complete inventory visibility
  • Track the start/stop time and total number of hours of jobs
  • Easily schedule jobs to specific machines
  • Track labor cost associated with each step in the process
  • Setup templates to make custom item processes easy to create
  • Full visibility of item status throughout the process
  • Fully integrated with the INxSQL Quality Control Module
  • Build Item / Machine relationships for time inquiries on future orders
  • Ship multiple jobs to an outside vendor at one time
  • Build quotes for new product